Keep your alimony, custody, child support, and visitation agreements relevant with modifications

Choosing the Divorce Professionals You Need

The purpose of any family law order or agreement is to provide for the well-being of families and children in the wake of legal issues such as a divorce, custody battle, paternity dispute, domestic violence incident, etc. Because family circumstances are constantly evolving, support and custody orders must also be allowed to evolve. With help from an expert family law attorney such as Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP, you can successfully petition for necessary changes to your custody, alimony, or support agreements to keep them fair and relevant.

Alimony & Spousal Support Modifications

Both the spouse paying alimony and the spouse receiving it may request a support modification at any time. Possible reasons for doing so include:

  • The spouse receiving support no longer needs it
  • The spouse paying support loses their job or is otherwise unable to afford payments
  • The spouse receiving support remarries or enters a new domestic partnership
  • The spouse receiving support is not making a good faith effort to become self-supporting
  • Child support has ended

Child Custody & Visitation Modifications

In order to continue to provide what is best for the child, custody and visitation agreements may need to be modified to reflect the changing circumstances of one or both parents. Some examples of how and why modifications might be made include:

  • Establishing sole physical custody to remove children from an unsafe home environment
  • Denying visitation to a parent who has developed a drug or alcohol problem or a dangerous mental illness
  • Providing additional supervised or unsupervised visitation to a parent who is recovering from an issue that previously made them an unfit parent
  • Making adjustments in length or frequency of visits to accommodate a relocation

Child Support Modifications

Stress-Busting Tips

Significant changes to either parent’s income or to the amount of time that the child spends in either parent’s care can result in the need for child support modifications. In this case the California Child Support Guideline Calculation will need to be redone based on the new information. Your family law attorney can help you with this process, and also make sure the court is aware of any special circumstances that might warrant a deviation from the Guideline. Some common reasons for child support modifications include:

  • A parent loses their job
  • A parent gets a new job or promotion
  • A parent gets remarried to a high-earning spouse
  • The custody agreement is changed to share physical custody differently
  • A child has been emancipated
  • Support needs to be extended beyond age 18 for a disabled adult child

Get a Tough but Fair Attorney on Your Side Now

Whether you are the party requesting the modifications or the one responding to the request, Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP will fight tirelessly for a fair resolution to the situation as your family law attorney. Call our office now at 909-482-1422 to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about the impact of modifications to your various family law agreements.