Tom has been a great help to me over the years. He is a great guy and easy to talk to — he is also a professional, ethical, and very caring person.
Dan H.

If you are unfortunate enough to need a family law attorney, as I was, save yourself a lot of grief and confusion, and just hire attorney Brian Mitchell. If you want ethical, morally sound representation that is sharp, honest, capable, and very strong, you are in the right place. Mr. Mitchell is professional, first and foremost, but he will also treat you with class, dignity, and respect. I consider him a friend now that we have worked together, and I’d be proud to be considered a friend by him as well.

Also, it is important to mention how great his staff is. I know Cathy and Lilly personally, and they have been wonderful to work with. Again, they treat you with so much dignity and respect that you will really feel the support from this office.

Please take my advice from personal experience with multiple family law attorneys in my case, and save yourself the heartache. Contact Brian Mitchell and his staff. You will be in the best hands possible.

I wish anyone and everyone who needs a family attorney the very best, and I hope you find a resolution that works for everyone in your family. Remember to love your children more than you might dislike your spouse at the moment, and remember that there was a reason you love each other in the beginning, remember that person you loved, and act accordingly.

Thank you to everyone at Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, from the bottom of my heart.

Darwin N.