What do the courts consider when a move-away petition is submitted?

 What do the courts consider when a move-away petition is submitted?

If you are co-parenting with your ex, chances are that the question of relocation comes up in your mind. Even if you are not interested in moving at the current time, you likely think about the future or wonder what would happen if your child’s co-parent wants to move away. The good news is that Kendall, Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP is here to explain everything you need to know about child relocation. Keep reading to learn more about move-away petitions and how Kendall, Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP can help.

Can I move away from my child’s other parent?

Just because your child has a co-parent in one location does not mean that you cannot move away. If you have a legitimate reason to move, you are allowed to move away from your child’s other parent. However, the court will consider your case based on what is in the best interest of your child or children. In order to start the process, you must file a move-away petition with your local family court.

What do the courts consider when a move-away petition is submitted?

Once a move-away petition is submitted, the family court will consider the case. When determining whether or not to grant the move-away petition, the court will look at the age of the child, the child’s relationship with both parents, the impact the move will have on the non-custodial parent’s access to the child, and the impact of the move on the child’s well-being. The court will always make their decision based on what they believe to be in the best interest of the child.

How do I respond to a move-away petition?

If your child’s custodial parent has submitted a move-away petition, it is important to act right away. While they are allowed to move away with the child if done in good faith, you can challenge the move-away petition. The best way to do this is to get a family law attorney to put forward a case that the move is not in the best interest of the child’s well-being.

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