What Are the Requirements for a Prenup?

What Are the Requirements for a Prenup?

If you are going into a marriage and you want to have a plan in place in case things go south, you should seriously consider getting a pre-nuptial agreement in place. A pre-nuptial agreement will help both parties understand how their assets, debts, and responsibilities will be divided should they get divorced. Overall, this makes the divorce process much simpler, should it come to that.

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What are the most common reasons for pre-nuptial agreements?

There are many reasons for getting a pre-nuptial agreement, but here we will cover the most common one. Often, pre-nuptial agreements are used to identify separate property prior to marriage. It is put in place to keep this property from becoming communal. This can also preserve the inheritances of children from prior marriages, and also specify spousal support amounts ahead of time. As expected, pre-nuptial agreements are often put in place when there is a large wealth discrepancy between partners.

What are the requirements of a pre-nuptial agreement?

There are some things that are required when you draft a pre-nuptial agreement. You will need proof that the agreement was entered into by each party’s free will. You will also need to show that each party had significant time to review the agreement and that all separate property has been disclosed. Failure to meet any of these requirements could render the pre-nuptial agreement void.

Do I need an attorney to draft a pre-nuptial agreement?

Yes, you need an experienced attorney to draft a pre-nuptial agreement. Without an experienced attorney ensuring that all of the requirements are properly met, you could be rendering any pre-nuptial agreement void.

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