Signs of Domestic Abuse that You Might Not Be Aware Of

Signs of Domestic Abuse that You Might Not Be Aware Of

Domestic abuse is something that is taken very seriously in California. While most people associate domestic abuse with violence, there doesn’t always have to be violence for a relationship to be abusive. Here are four signs of domestic abuse that you might often overlook:

  1. They threaten you or a loved one
  2. Even if your relationship has no other signs of abuse, threats alone are considered abusive. Your spouse or intimate partner might not hit you, kick you out of the house, cheat on you, or cut your off financially, but even threatening to do so is a sign of domestic abuse that should not be overlooked. These threats don’t just have to be against you either. If your loved ones are being threatened as a result of your actions, this is also domestic abuse.

  3. They control everything you do
  4. A spouse or intimate partner that controls everything you do is a sign of abuse that is often overlooked. You might think it’s cute that they want to “spend time with you” instead of you going out with your friends, but if it becomes a serious fight and you feel like you can’t ever see your family or friends without them getting angry, that is a sign of abuse. Demanding passwords to your phone and social media accounts or refusing to allow you to have social media profiles is also another sign of control that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  5. They withhold your finances
  6. Finances should be a shared thing in any household. If your spouse or intimate partner withholds access to shared bank accounts or refuses to provide any information as to their finances, this could be a sign of abuse. Being provide an “allowance” or “budget” without your input or demanding that you hand over your paychecks to them is also financially abusive. Another example is using money to control someone, by threatening to cut them off whenever a disagreement arises.

  7. They force you to be intimate
  8. Whether you are in a relationship or not, any sexual activity that you are forced to engage in against your will is illegal. If your intimate partner is forcing you to have sex against your will, this is abuse.

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