Signs My Ex Is Hiding Assets During Our Divorce

Signs My Ex Is Hiding Assets During Our DivorceGetting divorced is never a fun situation. However, in order to ensure that everyone gets their fair share, both parties need to play by the rules and that means disclosing all assets. But what happens if you think your spouse is hiding assets during the divorce process? That is illegal and can negatively impact your share of the settlement in the divorce so you should make every effort possible to determine if they are in fact hiding assets. How do you do that? Keep reading to learn more about how to tell if your ex is hiding assets during a divorce Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP can help you through the process.

Ask Them

If you think that your spouse is hiding assets, ask them about it and pay attention to their reaction. If you notice big withdrawals from a joint bank account, inquire about it. If they fly off the handle or get very defensive with no actual explanation provided, that is a big red flag.

Do a Thorough Review of Bank Statements and Tax Returns

You should also do a thorough review of bank statements, credit card statements, and tax returns. Look for any big purchases that you aren’t aware of or hefty overpayments on credit cards or tax filings. This is often used to hide assets as they will get a big refund at some point.

Pay Attention to the Financials

As you go through the divorce process, you should also keep an eye on your spouse’s financials. Has their income drastically decreased or a bonus they were expecting not arrive? This can be a sign that they are trying to hide assets and you should look into the matter further.

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