Child Support Attorney in La Verne CA

Whether you are paying or receiving support, you need an expert child support attorney in La Verne CA to advocate for your rights.

Child CustodyAt Kendall & Gkikas, our entire practice is focused on protecting the best interests of parents and children, and we have decades of successful cases behind us. As your La Verne CA child support attorney, we can help you reach fair and equitable agreements that will ensure your child’s well-being without placing undue financial burdens on either parent. Whether you need to have a judge create your support order or wish to work with your co-parent to negotiate an agreement you both can live with, we can help.

Establishing Child Support Orders in La Verne CA

Child support orders are often established as part of a divorce proceeding, but they can also be established by parents that have never been married. If necessary, we can help you establish paternity as a first step to petitioning for a child support order. We will then guide you through the official California Guideline Calculation Formula, which takes the parents’ gross income, tax filing status, and share of physical custody into account and creates a baseline support figure.

Enforcing Child Support Orders in La Verne CA

If you fall behind on your child support payments, your co-parent may hire a La Verne CA child support attorney. This attorney will help them petition the court to take legal steps against you. The court could order any of the following:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Levies against bank accounts or property
  • Drivers license suspension
  • Suspension of professional licenses

Modifying Child Support Orders in La Verne CA

While every attempt is made to ensure child support orders are fair at the time they are made, over time they may become unfair to one parent or the other or to the child. Before you try to modify your child support order, you really should ask an expert La Verne CA child support lawyer for advice. We can help you determine whether you have grounds for a change and assist with the paperwork. Some common life events that could necessitate a change in support include:

  • Income of either parent has changed
  • One parent has been incarcerated
  • The time share in the custody agreement has changed
  • The child’s needs have changed

Whether you are the parent seeking a modification or the one responding to a modification request, we can represent your best interests as your La Verne CA child support lawyer.

Get a Reliable, Responsive Child Support Lawyer in La Verne CA

A child support dispute can be very stressful. The last thing you need is for an unreliable or uncommunicative attorney to add to your stress. When you choose our firm, you won’t get stuck with a junior child support lawyer in La Verne CA who can’t answer your questions and might make a mistake in your case. Instead, you’ll get a seasoned attorney who can provide invaluable advice and guidance. Call now to schedule your first meeting with us.

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