When can I request a child support modification?

In some instances, modifications can be made to child support orders. These modifications can be requested by either party if there is a significant change in either parent’s income or the amount of time a child spends in a parent’s care. Some reasons when a child support modification is granted are:

  • A parent loses their job
  • A parent gets a new job or promotion
  • A parent gets remarried to a high-earning spouse
  • The custody agreement is changed to share physical custody differently
  • A child has been emancipated
  • Support needs to be extended beyond age 18 for a disabled adult child

When filing a child support modification, it is important to put your best case forward. The California Child Support Guideline Calculation will need to be redone based on the changing circumstances and you want to be sure that everything is accounted for properly. The experienced family law attorneys at Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP can help with that.