What are the different types of property rights in California?

There are several different types of property in California. These are:

  • Community Property: Community property is property that is acquired during a marriage. This includes property, debt, or income. In the case of divorce, this will be split 50-50.
  • Quasi-Community Property: Any property, income, or debt that is accumulated by a married couple while they are living in another state is also treated as community property during a California divorce.
  • Separate Property: Separate property is assets or debt that is owned before a marriage. This belongs solely to the spouse who brought it into the marriage. Gifts and inheritance are also considered separate property.
  • Commingled Property: When married couples combine assets that they brought into a marriage to purchase shared property, this is considered commingled property. In these instances, property rights can become murky so it is a good idea to contact a family law attorney.