Are There Benefits to Divorce Mediation?

When you get divorced there is no easy path to finalization but some paths can be easier than other. If you are considering whether or not to utilize divorce mediation for the process, there are several benefits to consider, including:

  • Cost: Divorce mediation is solved outside the courtroom through a collaborative process. This often means that your legal fees will be reduced.
  • Time: Taking a case to court can lengthen the process. By working through the mediation process, many people are able to settle the divorce faster.
  • Agreeability: Another benefit of mediation is that you might get a more favorable agreement. If a case goes to court, it will be ruled on by a judge and their say is final. Through mediation, you go through a collaborative process to reach an agreement that is amenable to both parties.

If you are going to take the mediation route, you should still hire an attorney. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.