How long does spousal support get paid?

How long does spousal support get paid?

If you are thinking about getting divorced or have been served papers you are probably starting to think about how it will impact your finances. You need to consider everything from the division of debts and assets to spousal support.

Spousal support is unique to each marriage and will be assigned based on a variety of factors. The amount, who pays, and how long it gets paid for are all things to consider when going through the divorce process.

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Who pays spousal support in California?

It is important to keep in mind that spousal support is unique for each marriage. It will be assigned based on each spouse’s financial situation. This includes current incomes, debts, assets, current, and future earning potential. The spouse that has more income is often required to pay spousal support so their ex can continue living under the same standards of living.

How long does spousal support last?

The length of spousal support depends on many factors. Often, it is awarded based on how long the marriage lasted. The general rule in California is that it will last for half the length of a marriage that lasted ten years or less. For marriages that lasted longer than 10 years, in some cases, spousal support can continue indefinitely.

When is spousal support terminated?

In California, spousal support can be terminated for three reasons. One is that the court order or judgment sets a specific date that the support will end. The second is if the receiving spouse gets remarried. Also, if either spouse dies, spousal support is terminated.

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