How Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP Can Assist With The Annulment Process in California

Embarking on the path of marriage dissolution isn’t a decision taken lightly. If you’re contemplating an annulment in California and wondering about its feasibility, rest assured, Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP is here to illuminate your path and provide skilled legal guidance. Keep reading to learn more about the process and how we can help!

Understanding Annulment in California

In California, an annulment is a legal procedure that declares a marriage null and void. It is as if it never existed. This is different from a divorce, which legally ends a valid marriage. Annulments are granted under specific conditions that prove the marriage was invalid from the start. It’s essential to understand whether your marriage qualifies for this unique form of dissolution.

Eligibility Criteria for Annulment

To be eligible for an annulment in California, your marriage must meet certain legally defined criteria, including:

  • Incest: Marriages between close blood relatives are prohibited.
  • Bigamy: If one spouse is already legally married, the subsequent marriage is invalid.
  • Underage Marriage: If a spouse was below the legal age of consent at the time of marriage.
  • Unsound Mind: Incapacity of one or both parties to comprehend the responsibilities and nature of marriage.
  • Fraud: Deception or misrepresentation by one spouse that was crucial to gaining the other’s consent.
  • Coercion: Marriage entered into under duress or force.

If you believe your marriage qualifies for an annulment, Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP can help. With over 30 years of experience in family law, we understand the sensitive nature of annulment cases. Our team will work diligently to evaluate your case, provide honest advice, and guide you through each step of the annulment process. Even if your case does not qualify, we can help you end your marriage through other means like divorce or separation.

Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP is Your Ally in Annulment Proceedings

At Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP, we’re committed to ensuring that your annulment case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. We understand the emotional complexities involved and strive to ensure a smooth, respectful process that honors your needs and rights. Should you find yourself considering an annulment and seeking expert legal advice, our experience and dedication to family law make us a trusted ally in these intricate legal matters. Contact us today at 909-482-1422 to schedule an initial consultation, and let us help you navigate this significant life transition with confidence and clarity.

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