Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

If you are considering a divorce, you might want to consider mediation over battling it out in litigation. In fact, there are actually many benefits of going through mediation to settle a divorce, including:

  1. Divorce Mediation Can Cost Less
  2. One of the biggest benefits of divorce mediation is that it can cost much less than the alternative. Preparing for divorce litigation can be difficult and costly. Your attorney will need to prepare for the proceedings, which means they’ll be billing you for the hours. However, with divorce mediation, the process is simpler and faster, which means less costs for you.

  3.  Divorce Mediation Often Involves Less Conflict
  4. Divorce mediation can also involve less conflict than litigation. In the case of divorce mediation, both sides sit down with their attorneys to find the easiest way to move forward. There will be compromises and some back and forth, but overall the process should run more smoothly. A less disruptive divorce also makes it easier to keep the lines of communication open after everything is settled, which is important if there are children in the picture.

  5.  Divorce Mediation Can Create a Faster Resolution
  6. Another reason why you might want to consider divorce mediation is that it can often lead to faster results. If you’re going through the family court system you can wait months or even years for the case to process. This prevents you from moving on with your life, which can happen much quicker with mediation.

  7.  Divorce Mediation Allows More Flexibility in Clauses
  8. One reason that people don’t realize is a benefit of divorce mediation is the flexibility that it provides. When a judge decides a case, everything is very cut and dry and they will follow the letter of the law. However, when going through mediation to draft a decree and settlement agreement, you and your soon to be ex-spouse may be able to add in more unique clauses for custody that work best for your situation and family.

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If you are getting divorced, you may want to consider divorce mediation. Not only can divorce mediation save you money and lead to a faster resolution, but it might also involve less conflict and give you and your ex-spouse more flexibility.

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