Do You Need Help Establishing a Legal Parent-Child Relationship?

Do You Need Help Establishing a Legal Parent-Child Relationship?

When children are born to parents who are married, parent-child relationships and the legal rights that go along with that are already established. However, when children are born out of wedlock, those relationships are not always established at birth. It’s not uncommon for two people who are dating to have a child and then subsequently break up in the future. This can lead to issues in custody agreements, parental rights and responsibilities, and especially child support payments.

If parents that are not together and were never married don’t agree on their rights and responsibilities, the courts may need to get involved. However, in order for the courts to make a ruling, parentage must be established.

What are the benefits of establishing parentage?

Establishing a legal parent-child relationship has important benefits for both the child and the parents. Children benefit from financial support from both parents, access to family medical history and records, life and health insurance from either parent, the right to inherit from either parent or the right to receive social security benefits and veteran’s benefits, if applicable.

Parents benefit from establishing a legal parent-child relationship by gaining legal child custody, the right to participate in decisions about the child, and child custody or the right to spent time with a child.

How can I establish parentage?

Parentage can be established in a few different ways. Parentage can be established by signing a Declaration of Paternity voluntarily, or by court order demanding a paternity test to determine parentage.

Do I need an attorney to establish a legal parent-child relationship?

Yes! You should definitely have an attorney like Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP on your side if you are going through a paternity dispute. There is so much at stake, like child custody and child support payments, as well as potentially being on the hook for supporting a child that isn’t yours. That is why it is essential to contact an attorney in a paternity dispute.

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