Coparenting and the Coronavirus: Tips for Handling Custody

Coparenting and the Coronavirus: Tips for Handling Custody

We find ourselves in uncertain times right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wondering how you can manage coparenting amidst the coronavirus? Keep reading for tips on managing your coparenting relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Be flexible
  2. One of the most important things about managing custody during the COVID-19 pandemic is to have some flexibility. If you think about it, these are uncharted waters that we are entering. Kids are out of school and learning from home, some parents are out of work, while others are struggling with working from home and managing the kids. And, those in the healthcare industry might be working odd hours as they battle on the front line of the pandemic. It’s important to be flexible and understand that everyone is going through a hard, unpredictable time right now.

  3. Think twice before sending that angry text
  4. Another tip for managing coparenting and custody during the COVID-19 pandemic is to remember to be nice. Now isn’t the time to rehash old arguments or to start a fight about the trip they took right before the pandemic set in. Everyone is struggling and suffering with this new normal and it’s important to be kind. If being kind isn’t in the cards for you and your ex, just be sure that you stick to only discussing the children and avoid sending harsh, angry texts as much as possible.

  5. Be understanding of your coparent’s schedule
  6. It is also important to be understanding of your coparent’s schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents that used to work 9 to 5 might be working from home now, but just because they’re home doesn’t mean they can automatically watch the kids all the time. People are still responsible for keeping up with their own work and it can be difficult with kids home from school. Try to work together to find a schedule that works for both of you and your new schedules.

  7. Get custody agreement modifications in writing
  8. Most custody agreements right now are being modified in some way. Whether it’s one parent gaining sole custody because the other is a doctor fighting on the front lines in the hospital or parents juggling custody with a child that is out of school, things are likely to have changed. To protect yourselves, it is important to get a modification of that custody agreement in writing. You can even have your mediator draft and amended schedule setting an end date so it isn’t assumed that the agreement is permanent.

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