Can you modify alimony, child support, child custody, and visitation agreements after they’re finalized?

Can you modify alimony, child support, child custody, and visitation agreements after they’re finalized?

Family law orders and agreements are put in place to provide the best well-being of children and families after a divorce, paternity suit, custody battle, or domestic violence incident. However, sometimes situations and circumstances change that require modifications to these agreements and orders. Thankfully, with the help of an experienced law firm like Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP, you can petition to modify these agreements so that they still provide the best well-being for your family.

Alimony & Spousal Support Modifications

Alimony is payments made from one spouse—the higher-earning spouse—to the other to ensure that both can keep living a comfortable life after a divorce. Either party—receiving or paying—can request a modification in situations including when the spouse receiving payment no longer needs it, the paying spouse loses their job or cannot afford payments, or the spouse receiving payment remarries.

Visitation & Child Custody Agreement Modifications

Visitation and child custody agreements can also be modified to ensure the best for the child in question. This can happen in cases where a child needs to be removed from an unsafe home environment, if a parent has developed a drug problem or dangerous mental illness, if one parent wants to move away with the child, or simply to adjust length and frequency of visits.

Child Support Modifications

Child support modifications can also be requested as financial situations and custody agreements often change. Common reasons to request a modification include if a parent loses their job, gets a new job or promotion, physical custody is changed, and if a child has been emancipated, among other things.

Do I need an attorney to modify these agreements?

Yes! You absolutely need an experienced attorney like Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP on your side to modify family law agreements or orders. The process can be complex and you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered. By having a lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights, you can rest assured that all of the I’s will be dotted and the t’s will be crossed to put your best case forward.

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