Can I Request More Child Support if my Ex-Spouse Got a Promotion?

Can I Request More Child Support if my Ex-Spouse Got a Promotion?

The law requires parents to provide financial support for their children, even if they do not live in the same household as them. If you are divorced or separated from the other parent of your child or you have never been together, child support will come into

What is child support?

Child support is a payment made from one parent to another to cover expenses related to childcare. This includes food, clothes, schooling, and more. While some parents can agree to an appropriate amount of childcare and schedule payments without the court becoming involved, more often than not, the court needs to get involved to help settle disputes.

How is child support calculated originally?

Child support is governed by the official Guideline Calculation Formula for the state of California. This formula simply looks at the time each parent has the child in their custody, the gross income of each parent, tax filing status of each child, childcare costs, and other mandatory expenses like health insurance. These numbers are plugged into the formula and the number generated is what is owed in child support. Other expenses are not covered by the Guideline Calculation for child support include credit card payments, car payments, mortgage or rent, groceries, and other extra-curricular costs.

Can I ask for a modification of child support if my ex gets a promotion or big raise?

Yes! Significant changes to either parent’s income can result in modifications to the child support payments. If your ex gets a large raise or promotion, you can seek to modify the child support agreement and request more money. Essentially, the courts will run the California Child Support Guideline Calculation again based on the more recent numbers to determine if there should be a change in child support payments.

Are there other reasons I can ask for a modification to our child support agreement?

Yes, there are other reasons that might warrant a modification to child support payments. If either parent loses their job, gets a new job, gets remarried to a high-earning spouse, a child is emancipated, or the physical custody agreement changes, you can request a child support modification. A family law attorney can help you through the filing process.

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