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Are You Worried About Child Support in Your Impending Divorce?

Posted on: June 14, 2019

Are You Worried About Child Support in Your Impending Divorce?

When two parents separate, whether they were legally married or not, child support comes into play. By law, parents are required to provide financial support for their children. This is true even of children that do not live in the same household as them. Often parents can agree on child support payments without getting the court involved, but many times lawyers need to get involved if they cannot agree on something that works for both individuals.

What is child support used for?

Child support can be used for many things. It’s supposed to be utilized for things like food, clothing, and other necessities for a child. Child support does not cover credit card payments, car payments, rent or mortgage, or extra-curricular costs.

How is child support calculated?

So, how is child support calculated? Well, in California, child support is determined via the state’s official Guideline Calculation Formula in almost all circumstances. While it varies by situation, this formula takes into account the time that each parent has custody of the child, the gross income of each parent, the tax filing status of each parent, standard childcare costs, and other expenses like health insurance, union dues, and support required for other children.

Are child support orders actually enforced?

Yes, child support orders are enforced by the court. Once the child support order is issued, it can be enforced via levies, wage garnishments, and even contempt. Unpaid child support actually accrues interest, so failure to pay can lead to increased payments over time. If you fall behind on child support payments your driver’s license can also be suspended and you may even be subject to criminal prosecution by the district attorney. If for some reason you fall behind on child support payments or your situation changes, it is important to be proactive instead of just missing payments altogether.

Can a child support order be changed?

Yes, a child support payment can be changed. In the instance of custody agreement changes, child support amounts can also be changed. In addition to that, if the financial situation of either parent changes, child support can be modified. It is essential to contact a child support attorney if you or your child’s other parent’s financial situation changes because you might be eligible for a modification of your child support agreement.

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