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8 Strange but True Factors That Could Make You a Higher Risk for Divorce

Posted on: December 20, 2017

8 Strange but True Factors That Could Make You a Higher Risk for Divorce

It’s always interesting to look at statistics that point out what demographics of people are more likely to get divorced than others. Today we’ve rounded up eight factors that correlate with higher rates of divorce. Of course, the presence of these factors doesn’t mean a couple is necessarily going to get divorced, nor does their absence mean the couple is safe from divorce.

  1. At least one partner is very good looking
  2. One study found that people who were rated nines or tens out of a possible ten on the “good looks” scale are more likely to cheat than others – and cheating often leads to a higher chance of getting divorced. Simply put, it appears that it can be hard for particularly attractive people to repeatedly say no when advances are made.

  3. Your parents divorced
  4. There’s plenty of scientific evidence that if a child sees their parent go through a divorce, they’re more likely to get divorced as adults. This may be due to inherited genes that make a person more likely to divorce as well as children modeling their parents’ behavior.

  5. One of you drinks more than the other
  6. If your spouse gets drunk every weekend and you never touch the stuff, or you drink regularly while your spouse rarely does, then, statistically speaking, you’re more likely to get divorced. This is according to a study that found that about 55% of couples with one heavy drink and one non-drinker were divorced within a decade while 35% of couples with partners who had similar drinking habits were divorced.

  7. You got married in your teens or your 30s
  8. Studies have long shown that getting married in the late teens or early twenties is a strong predictor of divorce, but recent studies show that couples who get married at 32 years or older also have a stronger chance of divorce.

  9. Your wedding cost a lot
  10. According to some studies, couples who spent upwards of $20,000 on their wedding are 3.5x as likely to get a divorce compared to couples who spent $5,000 and $10,000.

  11. You had children right away
  12. Couples who wait at least a year after marriage before having their first child have a higher instance of being together 15 years after their wedding day.

  13. You didn’t graduate from a four-year college
  14. According to stats from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there is as much as a 40% difference in divorce rates between those who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and those who didn’t.

  15. You’re an atheist
  16. Studies have shown that women who were raised in a religious household is slightly more likely to stay with their spouse than a woman who was raised without any religion in their life.

The only 100% accurate predictor of who will get a divorce is who files for divorce. If you’re considering taking this step, reach out to Kendall Gkikas & Mitchell, LLP at 909-482-1422. If you’re planning to get married, reach out to us to learn more about pre-nuptial agreements.

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