4 Reasons Not to Delay a Divorce Until the Kids Turn 18

4 Reasons Not to Delay a Divorce Until the Kids Turn 18

If you’re in an unhappy marriage and you want out, you may wonder if it’s best to wait a few years until the kids are 18 years old. While this is a noble thought, there are actually a lot of reasons to get divorced sooner rather than later. Read on to learn four of the reasons that you may not want to delay your divorce until your children have reached 18 years of age.

Divorce is often a better for the kids than watching a bad marriage

Are children impacted by divorce? Of course they are – everyone in the family is. However, that’s not the right question. The real question is: Are children impacted by seeing their parents in a bad marriage? Of course they are. When they’re stuck with their parents in a home that’s volatile and where there may be resentments, arguing, or even abuse between their parents, this is no way for a child to live. Read on to discover four ways children can be better off with divorced parents.

  1. Everyone could use the peace and calm
  2. No matter how well you may think you hide it, your children know that you’re fighting. They can feel the tension. Your kids should be able to come home to a place that doesn’t have overlying stress, where everyone isn’t upset, and where they can get some peace and calm.

  3. Your child will have two happy homes instead of one unhappy one
  4. Your child needs a home that’s safe and loving. Be honest with yourself: Is that your home right now? If it’s not, then you can likely see how two safe, happy homes would be better for your child than one home that is less than perfect.

  5. A happy parent is a better parent
  6. There’s simply no way around it: If you’re happy you’ll be a better parent. Dealing with a spouse you no longer want to be with takes a lot of energy – and that’s energy you’re not able to give to your kids. Instead of seeing their father sleep on the couch, or their mother crying alone in her room, they can see you at your best, paying full attention to raising your children.

  7. You’ll teach your child to take their own needs seriously
  8. When your child is an adult, do you want them to stay in an unhappy marriage? Do you want them to feel the way you do about their relationship? If you’re likely many people, you would rather your child prioritize their own happiness over a commitment them made years before. The reality is that your children are more likely to learn this by seeing you do the same. Don’t just tell them that their own happiness is important – show them that you value your own.

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