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Ensure the fairest possible spousal support agreements with help from an alimony attorney in Walnut CA

Alimony Attorney in Walnut CAIn the emotional weeks and months following the decision to divorce, it can be very tempting to just agree to whatever demands your spouse may make. You might think hiring an alimony attorney in Walnut CA to review these demands will just slow things down and delay the start of your new and independent life as a divorcee. However, you need to remember that an unfair alimony agreement can be extremely damaging to your future. Whether you are the one paying alimony or the one receiving it, you can turn to Kendall & Gkikas for expert advice and effective representation. We will do everything in our power to resolve your case quickly but fairly.

Types of Alimony to Consider

The purpose of alimony is to provide a spouse that was not the primary breadwinner with the ability to maintain their own household following divorce or separation. As your alimony lawyer in Walnut CA, we can help you decide which of the following types of alimony may be appropriate for your situation.

  • Temporary: A court can issue a temporary alimony order in order to help spouses live separately while their divorce proceeding goes through.
  • Rehabilitative: The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to provide support while a spouse completes additional education or job training designed to make them self-supporting. An alimony attorney in Walnut CA can explain this option further.
  • Transitional: Sometimes a one-time payment rather than ongoing support may be needed. In this case transitional alimony may be paid to cover an expense like a down payment on a home or a new car.
  • Permanent: Permanent alimony is the term for the final court-approved spousal support order. It will not necessarily last a lifetime unless the marriage was over 10 years long and circumstances merit lifetime support.

Need to Modify an Existing Alimony Agreement?

Even if the court has already signed off on your alimony agreement, you may be able to petition for a modification if life changes merit it. For instance, if either spouse’s financial circumstances change significantly, this may warrant smaller or larger support payments. As a skilled alimony lawyer in Walnut CA, Kendall & Gkikas can help petition the court for the appropriate changes in the spousal support agreement.

Why Choose Us as Your Alimony Attorney in Walnut CA

Because alimony issues can be complicated and also affect many different parts of the divorce agreement, it is essential that your alimony lawyer in Walnut CA also be experienced in all divorce matters. Thanks to our decades of experience in protecting the rights of our clients in divorce proceedings, you can trust Kendall & Gkikas to help you achieve the fairest possible child custody, child support, asset division, and alimony agreements.

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