Walnut CA

Before California became part of the United States, the area that is now Walnut CA was known as Rancho los Nogales, or Walnut Tree Ranch. Both names reference the native California black walnuts that grow in the San Jose Hills around the area. However, today Walnut CA is more developed with fewer old, wild trees. It is a very pleasant suburban city that has been recognized several times as one of America’s best small towns by organizations like Money magazine. Life in Walnut CA can seem idyllic, but family law disputes can quickly ruin your peace. Fortunately, you can restore order to your life and protect your rights and your children’s rights by hiring a skilled attorney from the law firm of Kendall & Gkikas. We provide tough but fair representation for a wide variety of family law issues including divorce, separation, child custody, paternity, alimony, child support, adoption, and guardianship.