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At Kendall & Gkikas, we are a brother-sister team of skilled family law attorneys who have dedicated our lives to helping people just like you navigate the often complex realm of family law. Thomas Kendall and Kristina Kendall-Gkikas have each spent many years serving as a family law attorney in Pomona CA. Each of them has the skills, knowledge, and perseverance required to provide the high-quality legal arguments you need to secure the best possible resolution to your case. Whether you are the one initiating the legal action or the one responding to it, we can protect your rights and defend the best interests of your children. We are frequently retained as a family law lawyer in Pomona CA for the following types of cases:

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Help with Legal Issues Large and Small in Pomona CA

Courtroom litigation isn’t the only activity a family law attorney in Pomona CA can assist with. We can also provide assistance with smaller issues such as the timely filing of various legal forms, or simply explain your rights and options in a given situation to you so that you will be prepared to represent yourself in a negotiation. We can serve as an official mediator for help resolving family law issues out of court. If you do need to appear in court, we are licensed to appear as your family law lawyer in Pomona CA in any California court or federal court branch.

A Family Law Attorney in Pomona CA You Can Trust

Family law disputes often come with a great deal of emotional distress. At Kendall & Gkikas, we help to alleviate your distress by fighting for the best possible outcome to your case and keeping you informed of our progress every step of the way. You can trust us to take our role as your family law attorney in Pomona CA very seriously. We’ll never pass your case off to a junior associate or fail to respond to your needs quickly.

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We offer potential new clients personalized, hour-long consultations with one of our expert attorneys. Call now to set up your consultation with Thomas or Kristina and learn what we can do to help bring a positive resolution to your family law issue.