Divorce Modifications Attorney in Pomona CA

A divorce modifications attorney in Pomona CA can help ensure support and custody orders keep up with changing life circumstances.

Divorce Modifications AttorneyAssuming you had good representation, the orders contained in your divorce agreement should have been fair at the time they were written. However, over time circumstances may change, rendering various orders unfair or even obsolete. Fortunately, many divorce orders can be modified. Before you petition for a modification or respond to your ex’s request for one, be sure to consult with an experienced divorce modifications attorney in Pomona CA like Kendall & Gkikas that can apprise you of your rights.

What Kinds of Divorce Orders Can Be Modified?

While asset division cannot be changed without appealing a divorce court decision, the ongoing orders coming out of a divorce decree have the potential to be modified as circumstances merit. Typically, a divorce modifications attorney in Pomona CA will help a client with one or more of these three types of orders:

Spousal Support Orders: Because the original spousal support order was based on the earning capacities of both spouses, changes in earnings can justify changes in support. For example, if the supported spouse gets a good job and becomes self-supporting, the spouse paying support would certainly want to hire a divorce modifications lawyer in Pomona CA to reduce or end their payments.

Child Custody Orders: Child custody or visitation orders may need to be modified to protect children from an unfit parent, or to provide more contact with a parent that has proven they are deserving of this privilege. For example, if the parent with primary physical custody needs to travel overseas for an extended period of time and it is not in the best interests of the child to accompany them, a divorce modifications lawyer in Pomona CA could help change the custody order to favor the other parent.

Child Support Orders: One final type of order stemming from a divorce that may require modification is a child support order. For instance, sometimes as children grow up school responsibilities make it harder to spend equal time in the homes of both parents. In this case it may be necessary to adjust the support order to that the parent who gets the child during the week receives more support from the parent who will now only have the child at weekends.

Time is of the Essence in Seeking Modifications

Although you and your ex may be able to reach your own agreement as to what modifications may be needed, you will still have to have them approved by the court. This takes time, so you need to get started now. As your divorce modifications attorney in Pomona CA, Kendall & Gkikas will do everything in our power to ensure a speedy and fair resolution of your case.

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