Pomona CA

Pomona CA is known for being the home of California State Polytechnic University and the LA County Fair. The Pomona Swap meet and the Classic Car Show are also important to the city’s identity. Citrus groves, olive trees, and vineyards once flourished in Pomona CA and formed the backbone of its local economy. Though agriculture has taken backstage to industry now, residents of this city named for the Roman goddess of fruit still pride themselves on their fruitful economy. When you choose Kendall & Gkikas as your family law attorney, we will make sure that you adopt a position that will enable your domestic litigation to bear lots of good fruit. We’ll protect your interests during divorce, domestic abuse cases, custody disputes, child support and alimony agreement modifications, adoptions, and other family law proceedings. We’ll fight for your rights, and we’ll never make you false promises or advise a course of action solely to pad our own pocketbook.