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Child Relocation AttorneyThe separation of a household following a divorce or custody battle can be traumatic enough; add in an extreme geographical separation and things can get even more stressful for a child. This is why the California family law code provides a legal process for parents to use when they wish to relocate with their child. This process helps ensure that no move is completed without considering the best interests of the child. Whether you are the parent seeking to relocate or the parent left behind, a child relocation attorney in Los Angeles CA can help you through the legal proceedings related to move-away petitions.

Initiating a Move-Away Petition

If you are a custodial parent, before you relocate with your child you must file a move-away petition with the local court. So long as you can prove you have a valid reason for the move and the move is in your child’s best interests, your petition will most likely be granted. The court will consider the following factors when reviewing the move-away petition:

  • The age of the child
  • The current relationship with the parents
  • The impact on the non-custodial parent’s access to the child
  • The impact of the move on the child’s well-being and emotional stability

By hiring a child relocation attorney in Los Angeles CA to prepare your petition, you can ensure that all of these factors are addressed in a convincing argument in favor of your move.

Challenging a Move-Away Petition

An experienced child relocation lawyer in Los Angeles CA like Kendall & Gkikas can also help non-custodial parents respond to petitions initiated by their exes. Because frequent contact with both parents is typically considered in the best interests of the child, proving that the move would harm your relationship with your child is often a fruitful area of argument. If the custodial parent absolutely must move, but the court does not approve it, you may be able to petition for primary custody of your child. If your challenge is successful, your co-parent will not be able to move without relinquishing primary custody of the child.

Why You Always Need a Child Relocation Attorney in Los Angeles CA

Hiring a child relocation attorney in Los Angeles CA can provide important benefits regardless of whether you are the one initiating or responding to the move-away petition. Your attorney can ensure that the petition is accompanied by requests for appropriate modifications to your child custody or visitation agreement that will enable both parents to continue to enjoy quality time with your child. At Kendall & Gkikas, we can provide help and advice in negotiations or represent you in court as the case may require.

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