Military Divorce Lawyer in La Verne CA

Get expert guidance each step of the way with Kendall & Gkikas as your military divorce lawyer in La Verne CA.

Military Divorce LawyerMany people don’t realize that military divorce proceedings differ from civilian ones. The reality is that there are several small but significant differences that you definitely don’t want to overlook. A military divorce lawyer in La Verne CA can help. At Kendall & Gkikas, we can leverage our experience in military divorce cases and our legal knowledge to ensure your military divorce agreement is as fair and satisfying as possible.

Filing for Military Divorce

Divorce is not always a mutual decision. In some cases, you may even need to initiate proceedings while your spouse is deployed overseas. As long as your spouse considers California their residence, you can do this through California courts. The first step is to get the papers served on the active duty spouse. Depending on where the spouse is deployed this can be complicated, but fortunately as an experienced military divorce lawyer in La Verne CA we can handle the task. However, you need to bear in mind that if your spouse is unwilling or unable to respond to the papers while serving on active duty, the divorce will not be able to move forward until 60 days after their active duty ends.

We Handle Every Aspect of Your Military Divorce

Both military and standard divorce cases will contain agreements for:

  • Asset division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

We will make sure these agreements reflect the special rights of military families. For example, while the California Guideline Calculation still applies to child support agreements in military divorces, the court cannot award support in excess of 60 percent of the service member’s pay. When you choose us as your military divorce lawyer in La Verne CA, you can rest assured that we will inform you of all your rights and responsibilities and help you understand how they affect what we can seek in the final divorce decree.

Get a Tough But Fair Military Divorce Lawyer in La Verne CA on Your Side

Regardless of how long you’ve known your marriage wasn’t working, actually getting divorced can be very upsetting. Don’t risk getting your rights or your children’s rights trampled by following your emotions or choosing the wrong lawyer! At Kendall & Gkikas, we have helped many, many military families just like you secure fair divorce decrees that protect their children’s best interests. With us as your military divorce lawyer in La Verne CA, you know that every aspect of your case will be explored to create the strongest possible arguments for your position. We will fight hard to get the best results for you and your children.