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Protect your relationship with your children with help from an expert child custody attorney in La Verne CA

Child CustodyA child custody attorney in La Verne CA’s whole job is to ensure children are able to maintain healthy relationships with adults who love them. At Kendall & Gkikas, we have over 20 years of experience in child custody cases, and we can help with straightforward custody disputes stemming from divorce as well as more complicated cases such as grandparents’ custody rights.

Getting a Child Custody Order in La Verne CA

Child custody orders may be requested as part of a divorce proceeding, in a domestic violence case, or via a Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children. Whether you need help with the formalities of drafting, filing, and serving paperwork to create your own agreement or need representation in a courtroom battle over custody, Kendall & Gkikas can meet your needs as your child custody lawyer in La Verne CA.

Factors Affecting Custody Division in La Verne CA

There are two types of custody: physical (where the child lives) and legal (who participates in decisions regarding the child’s education, medical care, etc. In most cases, parents want to share both types of custody equally. The following factors may affect whether or not joint custody will be granted:

  • Mental and physical health of each parent
  • Ability of each parent to provide a safe and stable home environment
  • Age of the child (older children may be allowed to decide where they want to live)
  • Domestic violence or criminal activity on the part of either parent or their associates
  • Availability of developmental resources (special schools, etc.) near each parent’s home

As your child custody lawyer in La Verne CA, we can help you gather evidence relevant to these points and present it to the court.

Keep Your Custody & Visitation Agreements Fair & Relevant in La Verne CA

Over time, custody orders may need to be updated to reflect changing family circumstances. For instance, maybe one parent has remarried to an abusive spouse, in which case their home environment may no longer be safe or stable. As your La Verne CA child custody lawyer, we can help you petition for modifications and ensure the resulting orders are fair to you and your child.

Get Help from an Experienced La Verne CA Child Custody Attorney Today

A child custody dispute can be very hard on both parents and children. As your La Verne CA child custody attorney, we will do everything we can to make the process easier on you. We will help to facilitate civil and productive exchanges with the other parent and their attorneys, and but we will never compromise when it comes to your rights and your children’s best interests. If you need help navigating the family law system to secure rights to your children, please call us today.

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