Divorce Modifications Attorney in Fontana CA

A divorce modifications attorney in Fontana CA can help ensure support and custody orders keep up with changing life circumstances.

Divorce Modifications Attorney in Fontana CAYou don’t have to live with support and custody agreements that no longer reflect your family’s current situation. Instead, you can ask the court to modify those agreements to ensure they continue to serve everyone’s best interests as fairly as possible. Before you petition for a modification or respond to your ex’s request for one, be sure to consult with an experienced divorce modifications attorney in Fontana CA like Kendall & Gkikas that can apprise you of your rights.

What Kinds of Divorce Orders Can Be Modified?

Any of the ongoing orders contained in your divorce decree can potentially be modified under the right circumstances. A divorce modifications attorney in Fontana CA can help you explore the possibility of changing your:

Spousal Support Orders: Because the original spousal support order was based on the earning capacities of both spouses, changes in earnings can justify changes in support. For instance, if the supported spouse remarries and no longer has a need for support, a divorce modifications lawyer in Fontana CA could help the spouse paying support to effect a timely termination of the support order.

Child Custody Orders: Another type of order that may need to be modified as family circumstances change is a child custody or visitation order. For example, perhaps one parent was previously denied custody rights due to a substance abuse problem, but is now clean. That parent could ask a divorce modifications lawyer in Fontana CA to help them secure joint custody or increased visitation.

Child Support Orders: Child support orders also have the potential to be modified as circumstances change. For instance, sometimes as children grow up school responsibilities make it harder to spend equal time in the homes of both parents. In this case it may be necessary to adjust the support order to that the parent who gets the child during the week receives more support from the parent who will now only have the child at weekends.

Time is of the Essence in Seeking Modifications

Naturally you do not want to endure an unfair agreement straining your finances or keeping you away from your kids one moment longer than necessary. Having an expert divorce modifications attorney in Fontana CA on your side can really help bring the modifications process to a satisfying conclusion in a timely manner. We can assist you and your ex in coming to a new arrangement in negotiations, which will save you the delays inherent in litigation. You can rely on us to make sure all the necessary papers are properly completed and filed, and we will keep you up to date on the progress of your case with regular communications.

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